Hi, I'm afeique

I'm a passionate engineer & artist. This is my digital card.

Energetic Engineer

Technical problem solver.

As a career software engineer, I am a programming polyglot who thrives on solving interesting problems. I am an adept and passionate learner, which makes me savvy in this field that is constantly evolving.

My technical competencies span a much greater breadth than simply software. From physics & electrical engineering to mathematics: I am capably fluent across a wide variety of domains. Even if I am not proficient at something: I can become dangerous quickly.

With enough time, there is nothing I can't do.

  • DevOps and System Administration
  • Backend and Infrastructure Engineering
  • UI and UX Design for Mobile, App, and Web
  • Full-stack Development in Any Language for Any Platform
  • Automated SQA through CI/CT, and Delivery Pipeline Engineering

Candid Communicator

Command of the written word is a forté forged with passion. I have devoted countless hours of time honing this craft. I savor writing with eloquence—and I hope you'll enjoy communicating with me.

Diligent Designer

Attention-to-detail, ever-conscious of the human experience.

I don't just code: I craft experiences. I enumerate countless possible stories for the way people might want to use something I create, and then I work with the economics of efficiency in mind. It's never feasible to address everyone's needs, but it takes insights to understand how to address the needs of the majority.

  • Application Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Website Design
  • API Design

Aspiring Artist

Spontaneous, obsessive, and detailed

I stay awake at night mulling over the smallest details. I constantly nit and pick over every pixel of all I do. My brain never stops producing ideas for how I can improve my work. All my artistic interests are pursued with zealous fervor. There is no limit to how good I can become: therefore, there is no end to all I must do.

  • Pixel Art
  • Photography
  • Technical Writing
  • 2D Digital Media & Illustration

Master of Many Arts

A multifaceted individual whose skills span multiple industries.

As an abstract wizard, my kung-fu is fluid with a versatility matched by few. I am like water: amorphous and adaptable to any task or challenge. You won't find me slouching around twiddling my thumbs.

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